Year of the Water Snake: An Astrological Overview for 2013

By Annie Waldusky

As we discuss some of the main astrological aspects for 2013, I cannot deny the appropriateness of having a water snake in mind. There is dark, lush beauty and eminent turmoil surrounding us this upcoming year, which is explained by the exploration of a few major transits that will be occurring. The water will be our safe house in The Year of the Water Snake, with a Grand Water Trine ushering in waters of renewal and hope. Not to mention all mercury retrogrades this year will be in water signs.

We will find strength and power in all this water as we deal with the challenges of a Cardinal T-Square that will heighten the intensity of two more Pluto/Uranus Squares (one on May 21 and another on Nov. 1). Finally, Mars moves into Libra on Dec. 7, transforming the Cardinal T-Square into a Grand Cardinal Cross.

Cardinal T-Square

Let’s start with the Cardinal T-Square. On June 25, 2013, Jupiter will move from the intellectually and technically savvy sign of Gemini into the watery sign of Cancer. In this sign, it will square Uranus and oppose Pluto, making a stress aspect to both. Jupiter never does anything small—whatever it comes into contact with becomes bigger…  for better or for worse.

When it creates a stress aspect to another planet, it intensifies the challenging energies of that planet. Currently, Uranus in Aries is squaring Pluto in Capricorn. The younger generations are revolting (Uranus in Aries) against the old structures of the current governments worldwide who are crashing down their authority in order to hold onto their power (Pluto in Capricorn). When Jupiter opposes Pluto in Capricorn and squares Uranus in Aries, it will “make bigger” the entire Pluto-Uranus Square. The people who are revolting against the governments’ old modalities will revolt more. There will be more riots, and more of an urgent need for revolution. Simultaneously, the authorities that are in power will take even greater measures to hold onto their power. This will heighten global, national and even individual turmoil.


Grand Water Trine

Once Jupiter moves into Cancer on June 25, it will be forming a Grand Water Trine with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. What exactly is a Grand Water Trine? A Grand Trine in general is an aspect that indicates great ease and harmony. In astrology, water embodies deep feelings, sensitivity, empathy, intuition and psychic powers. So a Grand Water Trine can indicate a deep reservoir of emotional support (and even psychic powers) in times we really need it. When going through difficult times this year, we can rely on this deep and accessible strength. The trine, and its ease and harmony, will be particularly strong in July of 2013, but will last all the way until the middle of 2014.

Astrologer Barbara Goldsmith says, “With Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio, we will have an opportunity to redo ways in which we do business with each other and how we exchange services and energy with one another without so much greed and jealousy. We will have an opportunity for new ideas to come into play. Neptune will add creativity to this trine. This will be a beautifully aspected time for anything artistic like music, dance, singing, ballet, and literature. It will be particularly strong in July, but it will last for a year, allowing some deep rest and will serve as a respite throughout the Cardinal T-Square of 2013.”

In Kundalini Yoga, it is believed that a powerful creative force called Kundalini is coiled like a snake at the base of the spine. There are specific yoga techniques that are thought to help free up this energy, but it can also be unleashed at different trigger points in our lives. The Grand Water Trine of 2013 is going to be an aspect that will trigger some people (especially those with more water signs in their charts) to experience an increase of this Kundalini, or “snake,” energy. Many will experience an awakening of psychic intuition and healing powers. Some may even experience a healing crisis, but one of the effects of this Grand Water Trine will certainly be an increase of psychic sensitivity. In short, the year of the Water Snake is predicted to yield great emotional strength and newly awakening psychic abilities in many people.

Mercury Retrogrades in Water Signs

Mercury goes retrograde a number of times per year. Mercury rules our minds and our thought processes. When it goes retrograde it gives us an opportunity to re-evaluate how we interact and communicate with the world around us. It may feel like a frustrating time full of “setbacks,” mishaps and misunderstandings, but it allows us to go inward and figure out new and innovative ways of implementing our ideas in everyday life.

When the pressures of the T-Square make you want to strike like a snake, find respite in the water. It will be your source of rest, fuel, power and intuition this year. Instead of lashing out with venom, turn inward. Find what isn’t serving you anymore and molt, people.

In the year of the Water Snake, Mercury retrogrades three times—all in the water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Issues relating to the emotional aspects of feelings, beliefs and inner essence become the key aspects for this time. World-renowned astrologer Erin Sullivan has made a useful study of retrograde planets. Here is what she says in her book, “Retrograde Planets,” about Mercury retrograde in water signs:

“Mercury retrograde in Water is the best time to analyze patterns based on inherited psychological traits… One becomes more sensitive to the psyche/soma balance. One’s psychological needs and their physiological manifestations are particularly in synchrony during the years of the Water regression cycle. Retrogression in Water signs activates the feeling function, and our ability to trust the intrinsic value assigned to our life. Emotional and mental balance are challenged. Forthrightness in relationships is recommended because if one attempts to escape from emotional responsibilities during this time, they surface later with increased complications.”

Grand Cardinal Cross

After a year packed with Pluto/Uranus drama, it all comes into balance with Mars moving into Libra on Dec. 7. Usually Mars only stays in a particular sign for a couple of months. However, due to Mars going retrograde in March of 2014, it will stay in this sign for an unusual seven month stay. Once in Libra, Mars will connect the final dot—creating what is called a Cardinal Grand Cross.

Cardinal signs indicate action, initiation and leadership. If you can imagine all of these planets on the end of a cross-like shape, you can almost feel yourself being tugged in four different directions. Mars (planet of action) will be concerned with how we are treating each other (Libra). Are we being diplomatic enough? It will cause us to reach out to others in an effort to find new ways of dealing with each other. On the other end of the spectrum, Uranus (planet of revolution) will be concerned with the self (Aries). This will cause people to want to stir things up in an effort to fight for the rights of the civilians who are being controlled by their governments. Pluto (planet of power) will inspire leaders to fight to hold onto their power and traditional governmental structures (Capricorn). Opposing Pluto is Jupiter (planet of expansion), who will be breathing magnitude into all of these stress aspects with its watery, emotional need for security (Cancer).

Like a snake, in 2013 we will be feeling the ever increasing need to molt our old structures and ways of doing things on a global, national and even individual level. Those who have a lot of cardinal signs and water signs in their charts will be affected the most this year. When the pressures of the T-Square make you want to strike like a snake, find respite in the water. It will be your source of rest, fuel, power and intuition this year. Instead of lashing out with venom, turn inward. Find what isn’t serving you anymore and molt, people.