Conscious Summer Festivals

lightning in a bottle photo credit julianna bernstein

This summer, we at Twine attended a handful of selected conscious festivals to highlight in our Place section.

Here were our requirements for coverage:

  • The gatherings we covered all fell in the category of “transformational festivals,” defined as “counterculture festivals that espouse a community-building ethic and a value system that celebrates life, personal growth, social responsibility, healthy living and creative expression.”
  • Music was not the only thing offered at the festivals: events like art workshops, yoga classes, sanctuaries, sacred spaces, and other educational elements of intentional community were present.
  • The festivals were inclusive and women-friendly, to the extent of honoring the feminine.
  • The festivals all had a strong intention to be (and history of being) in alignment with their natural environments. Beyond just recycling, these festivals fostered a positive environmental impact on the land around them.

We hope you enjoy the colors, vibrancy and stories we have to share with you—and that you support festivals like these as true intersections of play and purpose.

The festivals:

Our coverage: