About Twine

The name “Twine” comes from our root desire: to intertwine play and purpose in our lives, to make what we love equal to what we do.

Twine Magazine supports storytelling as an integral part of this experience in the world.

Twine began in Boulder, Colo. as a print magazine in April 2012 and grew to an audience of 20,000+ readers in 40 cities—from San Francisco to New York City to São Paulo to Madrid. The publication moved online in April 2013, to both reach a wider audience and become more of a reflection for what it stands for—sustainability, creativity and freedom.

Our stories are mostly longform narrative and journalism, interspersed with poetry and fiction. We focus on three lenses:

  • Place: exploration, discovery, travel, staying, culture, community
  • Palate: real food, nourishing spaces, sustainability, wine, café, farming, cooking
  • Pleasure: relationships, connecting, personal growth, health, conscious communication

If you’d like to contribute, we must tell you that we can’t pay—but we would love to be the vessel to bring your art and message into the world. Rather than submitting a completed article, we prefer you send us a solid, thought-out pitch. Tell us why you’re the person to write the article (i.e. you have access to sources, you’ve already done some interviews, you have great anecdotes already, etc). Demonstrate your style of writing through your query letter and tell us how your story fits our magazine. Feel free to link to pieces you’ve written in the past. Email this to us: segreti @ gmail.

Twine collaborators are an eclectic group of award-winning journalists, activists, therapists, poets, mountain rescue climbers, and aerial dancers. We encourage and appreciate spontaneous ideating, conscious communication, and a damn good cup of coffee.

Twine’s Past & Present Collaborators

IMG_7173emailAmy Segreti (@AmySegreti) is the founder and editor-in-chief of Twine Magazine. She’s an entrepreneurial writer and editor who’s been rooted in the blustery world of journalism for 12 years. Fluent in English, Spanish and AP style, she’s worked as managing editor, features editor and freelance reporter for publications in Spain and the United States, such as The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, The Baltimore Sun, The Globe, InMadrid, The Daily Camera, Yellow Scene, Maryland Life, Rooster Magazine and The Washingtonian. While Amy is often crafting multiple exciting projects at once, her work always revolves around enhancing and beautifying communication, connection and self-expression. She tries to live each day with joyful discipline and intentional indulgence. Amy deeply believes that you deserve to live your fullest expression—because no one else can. She helps people craft their days from the inside out at Live All of You. Amy’s offerings include high-level editing, holistic productivity guides, somatic movement, personal development, and other things that foster greater connectedness with ourselves and the world.

Noah Caldwell (@noahgcr), originally from Vermont, has recently traded Montreal winters for the equally warm mountains of Colorado. When not writing, editing and making enlightening post-office runs for Twine, he can be found plucking a guitar, serving coffee or pursuing his geeky obsession with map collecting. With a degree in history and geography, Noah believes that life unfolds in time and place… so you might as well get to know both.

Rachael Uris (@chilius) like many writers, does not feel that she chose to write, but rather that writing chose her. While she loves all forms of wordplay, her deepest passions are fiction and poetry. During her three-year journey from Asia to Latin America, Rachael began writing her first novel, “Valparaiso, Barefoot,” a psychological exploration into the nature of depression and self-harm as told by a young woman living in the gritty, artistic city of Valparaiso, Chile. In finishing and publishing her book, Rachael hopes she will help those with mental illness bring compassion and normalcy to their experiences. In Boulder, Rachael enjoys hiking, climbing, taking deep breaths and being in love. In addition to writing, Rachael also works as a psychotherapist in private practice.

Rachel Palmateer (@RaPoetic) lives with four goats, nine chickens, one rooster, two bunnies, three dogs and four roommates. A graduate of Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, Rachel is passionate about poetry, parenthesis and anything to do with the written word. She can be found howling verse in the full moon alleys of Boulder, making fey houses in Longmont, sipping chai in Lyons or sharing pet nutrition knowledge in North Boulder. Originally a northern New Yorker, Rachel was raised on a steady diet of faerie tales and folklore. Eventually, Colorado called to the blood in her bones, and the mountains and gentle winters have convinced her to remain. She finds life vivid, fulfilling and unbelievable, and finds inexplicable delight in editing, proofing and learning about her fellow writers and word lovers.

Ian Strouse, (@NossyJim) a native of Maryland, has lived in Boulder, Colo. ever since crashing the editor-in-chief’s car here in 2007 on the way to California. A firm believer in divine intervention, he decided to stick it out. He feels this was the best decision he ever made. Ian studied film at the University of Utah, but ultimately decided to be a writer instead. By day, he tinkers with computers and occasionally fixes them at Boulder’s Mental Health Partners. In his spare time, he volunteers with the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, coming to the aid of lost and injured outdoor adventurers. And in another portion of his spare time, he teaches English to adult immigrants through Intercambio, a Boulder non-profit. He hopes to one day join the Peace Corps and teach English abroad. But in the meantime, he enjoys falling at terminal velocity, watching the sunrise from 12,000 feet, and finding credible sources.

Patrycja Humienik is a Polish-American artivist from Chicago completing her BA in Creative Writing with an interdisciplinary certificate in Peace & Conflict studies at the University of Colorado. Dance coursework and performance, studies in Spanish language and culture, independent research projects, multimedia collaborative work, vocal training, songwriting and engagement in community building and conflict transformation through the arts have made her writing all the juicier. She currently serves her passion for the arts through her work with BolderLife Festival & Foundation and interdisciplinary performance projects with You & Me and Language of Fish Collective Arts. She teaches and develops curriculums with Boulder Writing Studio, Upward Bound Federal Trio Program and the Elementary Spanish Program.

Marty Brodsky (@MBBrodsky) settled in the mountains of Colorado after more than a decade of traveling to them for the corduroy slopes. The out-of-doors are his inspiration, whether that be the active pursuits of climbing, skiing, and hiking, or the more leisurely activity of finding a nice spot and sitting there, looking around. Another constant pursuit of Marty’s is getting closer to the food we eat through the farmers and ranches in the region who passionately bring food to our tables. Along with contributing to Twine, he captures the stories of Colorado’s food producers at RootProject.

Rosa Crowe (@ourinnergarden) is a writer and counselor, specializing in the intersection of transformation and human development. She has a Master’s degree in Psychology from Naropa University. Her professional background includes outdoor leadership, organizational consulting, teaching, and counseling. Rosa luxuriates in life by snowboarding, practicing yoga, and enjoying time with her fiancée. She is a trained permaculturalist, although most of her gardening work is spent growing people.

Tyler Nemkov (@nemkovsky) is a Colorado native who prides himself on his succinct yet comprehensive use of the space in his author bio. He’s written for the Westword, eats cheese with vigor, would like to be someone who has said he’s gone trail-running, where to eat. He traveled to Asia once, and then wrote about it for this here publication. He’s about to move to New York City so he can complain about bagels.

Annie Waldusky is an artist and illustrator, focusing on children’s books for writers. She creates an ongoing series of quirky scenes called “Boulder Life,” and sells prints and originals while working at her easel. She collaborated with Joseph O’Leary for two illustrations in Twine’s Winter Issue. Annie is also studying to be an astrologer.

Joseph O’Leary aspires to live in a town with two stop signs, half a cafe and one full tonic-serving bar. From an original story he’s writing for his kids titled “His Majesty, Majestic,” “The Wiser Amuser” is a book of aphorism, anecdote, parable and poetry that serves as the intellectual and spiritual compass for the main character, the Clown. It accounts for what we learn about life from states of playful curiosity, deep appreciation and a commitment to growth. For Joseph, “The Wiser Amuser” is a lifelong journey of self-discovery and expression, but ultimately a gift of gratitude to his two sons for their daily inspiration, genius and wisdom.

Erica O’Grady (@ericaogrady) is the publisher of Boulder Life, the online lifestyle magazine that explores real stories from real people in the happiest, healthiest, and worst dressed city in America. She loves taking big risks and encouraging others to follow big dreams.

Tamara Star (@dailytransform) is an intuitive life coach, corporate shaman, spiritual mentor, feng shui mistress and start-over strategist. Helping people find their way back to happy through simple changes is what floats her boat daily. After shedding the handcuffs of a longtime corporate career, Tamara started her coaching practice in 2004. Her clients range from Fortune 500 executives to stay-at-home parents.

Tara Calihman (@tarable) is a freelance writer who has lived in Boulder for ten years without getting either a dog or a Subaru. She’s survived the seventh-grade classroom, the open mic night at the hipster bar, the birth of a child and ten half-marathons. Although she hasn’t won any major awards, she was voted as one of 2008’s most bangable blogger babes. So there’s that.

Jennifer Walker (@JDWalkerWriter) is an Anglo-Hungarian writer and editor based in Madrid. After a sordid past involving a PhD in Nuclear Physics, she decided to throw caution to the wind and live the cliché of being an expat writer who teaches English on the side. Her writing credentials include pieces about Venetian cemeteries, Spanish tapas and Madrid with a Jewish twist. Jennifer is also an art columnist for Kunstpedia and co-editor for the literary journal Falling Star. She loves to travel and has spent the whole Summer 2012 in Tbilisi, Georgia writing for the national newspaper, Georgia Today. She has worked for DK Travel, Gadling, InMadrid and more.

Julie Dickinson is a Certified Natural Chef graduate from Bauman College. She currently lives in Boulder and splits her time between preparing food for private clients and selling wine at The Vineyard, a wine shop in Denver. She is an aspiring sommelier, a lover of Old World wines, and a farmers market enthusiast.

Kate Jonuska (@kjonuska)is a Boulder, Colo.-based freelance writer, photographer, cook and voracious consumer of Internet culture. Her portfolio ranges from food criticism and recipe creation to short fiction, arts and entertainment, travel writing, health and wellness, podcasting and radio. When not blogging or buried in a book, you’ll find Kate on the hiking trail with her beloved corgi, Ein.

Marie-Rose Phan-Lê has been telling tall tales and weaving stories since she was a little girl. She has been blessed to turn her love of storytelling into a fun and fulfilling career path; her writing adventures have taken her around the world and led her to creating children’s television programming, marketing and branding campaigns, interactive media projects, and articles for international publications. She’s currently on the road screening her award-winning film, Talking Story, that documents disappearing healing and spiritual traditions, and is working with North Atlantic Books on an accompanying memoir.

Laura Herrington Watson is a Denver-based freelance writer who uses her craft to explore place by looking at its people, language, history, religions and traditions. She loves learning how and why people travel. Depending on the season, she alternates between swimming, sailing and skiing. Although she writes most often for the Evergreen Newspapers, her work has appeared in High Country News, and this fall she is an intern for the Denver magazine 5280.

Tony Bacigalupo (@tonybgoode) is an advocate for the coworking movement worldwide. He co-founded the first dedicated coworking space in Manhattan, New Work City, in 2008. Now a free agent, he works on Open Coworking, Cotivation and IndieCon to ensure that no one who works for themselves has to feel like they are alone.